Equations for Design Charts in IPC-2152 were developed from papers that documented trace heating tests conducted in air/Earth environments and vacuum/Space environments.  Links to a pdf copy of those papers are provided below.

Earth Environments

Space Environments 

Technology Specific Design Charts for managing trace heating

IPC-2152 DESIGN CHARTS are a baseline configuration

Trace Heating - Occurs when current is applied to a trace in a circuit board. 

​​Thermal Management LLC (TMLLC)

Technology Specific Design Charts (TSDC) for managing conductor heating in printed circuit boards.


- An App for using TSDCs

​​Technology Specific Design Charts are an extension of IPC-2152 trace sizing design charts.  IPC-2152 represents a baseline configuration that is used for thermal modeling purposes.  Using a correlated thermal model of the IPC-2152 baseline, other cases are processed to create conductor sizing design charts that are representative of standard printed circuit board stackups.  Charts can be created for any design.  The results are very insightful.

Technology specific design charts (TSDC) are the next step that was designed into IPC-2152.  IPC-2152 was a first step to improve the conductor sizing information available to PCB designers. TSDCs are the next step to a best choice for predesign conductor sizing.  If you want to know, as close as possible, the true temperature rise of a trace using a design chart, then the best choice is a design chart developed for your technology.  

IPC-2152 provides the baseline configuration for understanding the temperature rise of a trace in a PCB for internal and external conductors.