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Knowing the temperature rise of conductors in your circuit board designs is not simple. Current Carrying Capacity in Printed Circuits is critical to Printed Circuit thermal management. It needs to be known.  If you don't know your conductor losses, allow TMLLC to help accelerate your company to solutions.

Electronics Thermal Management

  1. Current carrying capacity in conductors and added power dissipation in the PWB
  2. Understanding standards for conductor sizing
  3. Managing high current pulses in conductors and components
  4. Conductor sizing and the parallel conductor rule
  5. Wedge lock thermal resistance values in air and in vacuum
  6. Measurements taken in a lab with infrared imaging equipment and the error in not taking into account the emissivity of the surface being measured, as well as understanding the convective environment
  7. Component case-to-board thermal resistance in air and in vacuum
  8. Understanding electrical component thermal resistance values and how to apply them
  9. Understanding the impact of using an equivalent thermal conductivity for the board in a PCB thermal analysis vs modeling the actual conductor layers in detail
  10. Defining boundary conditions for different environments
  11. Comparing thermal analysis results for different environments
  12. Interpreting test results in air and vacuum and comparing to analytical solutions



Standard for Determining the Current Carrying Capacity in Printed Board Design

Printed Circuits Handbook

Chapter 16, Current Carrying Capacity in Printed Circuits, Printed Circuits Handbook, Clyde Coombs Jr., Rev 6, McGraw Hill Publishing (2009).

Chapter 16, Current Carrying Capacity in Printed Circuits, Printed Circuits Handbook, Clyde Coombs Jr., Rev 7, McGraw Hill Publishing (2016).

System and Electronics Thermal Analysis and Consulting

PCB Conductor Current Carrying capacity Solutions

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Trace heating or conductor current carrying capacity in printed circuits is a specialty.  This and 33 years of personal experience with system level and detailed electronics thermal analysis is offered as a service that can be scheduled to help your company with your design needs.