The design charts in IPC-2152 are created from trace heating test data collected using Polyimide printed circuit boards.  The intension was to develop a better foundation for trace heating information than the charts that existed in IPC-2221.  In addition, the information in IPC-2152 could be used as a baseline for thermal modeling purposes to enable the creation of trace sizing design charts that were more representative of common printed circuit board sized and stackups.

The test boards used to create the design charts in IPC-2152 were manufactured following guidelines in the IPC-TM-650, Conductor Temperature Rise Due to Current Changes in Conductors.  The test board consisted of only traces, there were no copper power or ground planes in the test configuration.  This results in conservative results.  The dimensions of the board 

​​Printed Circuit Board

Conductor Current Carrying Capacity


IPC - 2152  Standard for Determining Current Carrying Capacity in Printed Board Design